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Dr Juan Diego Rodriguez-Blanco

Assistant Professor

Tel: + 353 1 896 1691 
Office: Museum Building, Office 0.15A


The major purpose of my research is to apply biogeochemistry to manage natural resources in a way that we can preserve the quality of life that we have now into the future generations.

1. Mineral formation and its role in biomineralisation processes: We know that biomineralisation processes are deeply linked to the evolution of past and future ocean chemistry. However, the mechanisms by which biominerals form and transform are poorly understood. I have focused my research on the understanding of the formation mechanisms of carbonates, phosphates and sulphates, using a series of state-of-the-art, in situ synchrotron methods combined with conventional off-line techniques. My results have shed light on the mechanisms of formation of a number of biominerals (e.g., calcite, monohydrocalcite, dolomite), the effects of seawater ions and organics during these processes and the implications for past and future ocean chemistry, CO2 capture and storage and industrial mineral synthesis.

2. Mineral-water interaction processes: I aim to shed light on mineral-water reactions that can be applied to remediate polluted waters and soils, to control the mobility and to find new sources of strategic metals. In particular, I have focused my work on the evaluation of the capacity of carbonates, sulphates and phosphates to remove pollutants and rare-earths (RE) from natural waters. Results include the understanding of thermodynamic and kinetic factors affecting the fate of pollutants and governing the formation of RE-bearing carbonates and phosphates in hydrothermal ore deposits.

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Senior Freshman
GL2206 Dynamic Earth 2: Structure and Microscopy

Junior Sophister
GL3336 Microscopy and Crystalline Rocks

GLU33934 Introduction to Geochemistry

Senior Sophister
GL4412 Laboratory Project

CH7001-A-SEM101-201819: Introduction to Energy Science (MSc Energy Sciences)
CH7002-A-SEM101-201819: Sustainable Energy Sources and Technology II (MSc Energy Sciences)


Book chapters:

Rodriguez-Blanco, J.D., Sand, K.K. and Benning, L.G. (2017) ACC and vaterite as metastable intermediates in the solution based crystallization of CaCO3. Chapter 5 of New Perspectives on Mineral Nucleation and Growth.  Eds: Alexander van Driessche, Matthias Kellermeier, Liane G. Benning, Dennis Gebauer. Springer International Publishing. Switzerland. 

Rodriguez-Blanco, J.D. and Tobler, D.J. (2016) Carbonate minerals. In review for the book: Environmental Minerals. Wiley-Blackwell.

Peer-reviewed papers:

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