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Mineral Separation


Mineral Separation


Dr David Chew


Museum Building TCD and Unit 7, Trinity Technology And Enterprise Centre (TTEC), Pearce Street.

Activities supported:

Separating minerals by density (water shaking table, heavy liquid separation) and by magnetic properties (magnetic separation) from fine-grained (< 300 μm) crushed rock samples.   Mineral picking and imaging.


  • Gemeni GT 60 mineral shaking table with automated hopper / feeder system for separating dense minerals crushed rock samples. 
  • Separating funnels for heavy liquid separation of mineral separates with a recovery device for disassociating methylene iodide (MI) from MI-acetone mixtures.
  • Frantz LB-1 and Chas. Cook laboratory magnetic separators for separating ferro- and paramagnetic minerals.
  • Nikon SMZ-1500 mineral picking microscope with cross-polarizers and a Mako 419G GigE camera.