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Rock sets stored in TrinityDuring August 2005 more than 30,000 individual specimens were collected, cleaned, labelled and delivered as a set of samples to every one of the 850 second level schools in the Republic of Ireland. The notes in the attached link are written by Ian Sanders to accompany the rock sets.

In December 2007 a set of rock samples was sent by parcel post to almost every primary school in Ireland, north and south of the border. Each rock set was accompanied by two copies of the explanatory booklet, Six Common Kinds of Rock from Ireland. Sets were also sent to Secondary Schools and Grammar Schools in Northern Ireland. Secondary schools in the South received rock sample sets in late 2005.

If your school would like an additional set of rocks, or additional copies of the booklet, please email Ian Sanders who will send them to you free of charge while stocks last.

 Cover Pages: Six Common Kinds of Rock from Ireland (PDF 189KB), by Ian Sanders

 Content Pages: Six Common Kinds of Rock from Ireland (PDF 3MB), by Ian Sanders


Geoschol posterAs part of the Griffith Geosciences Research Scheme the Geological Museum in collaboration with the National Museum of Ireland and the Ulster Museum has provided four posters and an activity book on Ireland’s geology for every primary school in the country. Copies of the posters and booklet may be obtained from Patrick Wyse Jackson ( In addition a website has been established from where digital copies of these and other resources (including accounts of the geology of each of the 32 counties) can be downloaded.