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Photo: Foteini - LoughshinnyGeology is the study of the earth, its processes, its materials, its life, and how these have changed over 4.567 billion years of time. Geology is of central importance to society. Information gathered by geoscientists helps us understand the changing climate, predict earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, find supplies of fossil fuels and minerals ores, maintain clean air and water, understand the motion of the earth’s crust and oceans, and reconstruct the evolution of the rocky planets and life.

At Trinity, our staff investigate the fundamental principles of geological processes, which occur at a vast range of spatial and temporal scales. We combine fieldwork in Ireland, across Europe and around the world, with laboratory analyses, numerical modelling and theory. Students participate in this cutting-edge research whilst developing keen observational and analytical skills taught both in the field and the laboratory. Our graduates apply these skills to a wide range of geoscientific questions, aimed at understanding Earth’s history and its future, and the sustainability of energy and resources required to support a growing human population.

Interested in coming to the Geology Department for undergraduate studies or postgraduate research? Please contact the individual staff members directly to find out more, or better still, come to visit us in the Museum Building.