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Stable Isotope Geochemistry


Stable Isotope Geochemistry


Dr Micha Ruhl
Dr Robbie Goodhue


Unit 7, Trinity Technology And Enterprise Centre (TTEC), Pearce Street.


  • A Thermo Delta V plus Continuous flow Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer (CF-IRMS) for δ13C and δ15N analysis of solid organics by a Thermo Flash IRMS (EA IsoLink CN/OH) flash combustion analyser and a Thermo gas bench for δ13C and δ18O analysis of carbonates and δ18O of water samples.


  • Organic matter and solids (δ13C and δ15N)
  • Solids (carbonates: δ13C and δ18O)
  • Water samples (δ18O)

Sample preparation

Sample Preparation lab. equipped with:

  • Centrifuge (Eppendorf Centrifuge 5810)
  • Centrifuge (VWR Ministar Silverline)
  • Oven (Large; Memmert UN75)
  • Fume-hood (Mach-Aire)
  • Sample-shaker (Daihan Scientific VM-10)
  • Ultra-pure water system (Rephile)
  • Micro-Balance (Sartorius ME series)

Additional information:

Instrument installed 2018