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Dr Micha Ruhl

Assistant Professor in Sedimentology

Tel: + 353 1 896 1165 
Office: Museum Building, Office 0.18C
Google Scholar ID:   Dr. Micha Ruhl
ORCID:   Micha Ruhl


• See more of my research at:

• Voting member of the International Subcommission on Jurassic Stratigraphy (2020 – )

• Editorial Board member for Geology (2021 – )

In my research I apply Sedimentology, Integrated (chemo-, bio-, cyclo-, magneto) Stratigraphy and Low-Temperature Geochemistry to study a diverse range of topics related to Palaeoclimatic & -environmental Change, Mass Extinctions, and (changes in) Depositional Environments.

Depositional environments: The formation and the physical, biogenic and geochemical characteristics of sediments that are deposited in marine and terrestrial (also lacustrine) sedimentary basins depend on (changes in) sediments supplied, sediment fluxes and climatic and environmental conditions that control the depositional environment. I am interested in understanding local processes and the internal forcing mechanisms in the Earth system that control (changes in) marine and terrestrial depositonal environments, on a basinal, regional and global scale. For example I study past major events in the Earth system that led to the widespread formation of organic-rich black shales (such as during Oceanic Anoxic Events (OAEs)). With this, I also aim to constrain processes that led to hydrocarbon source-rock formation and the stratigraphical and geographical variations therein.

Palaeoclimatic & -environmental Change, Large Igneous Province volcanism, Astronomical forcing and changes in global (bio)geochemical cycles:
Earth’s climate and the environment have changed on multiple temporal (101-107 yr) and geographical (local–global) scales. I am interested in understanding the (causative) internal and external forcing mechanisms and positive and negative feedback processes that controlled Earth’s climate and environment. More particularly, I am interested in understanding (1) the many ways in which Large Igneous Province (LIP) volcanism impacted on global climate and environments, global biodiversity (mass extinction/evolution) and changes in global (bio)geochemical cycles; (2) how external processes, such as astronomical forcing, impacted global climates, environments and local sedimentary depositional conditions; and (3) constraining background conditions in the global climate & environment, as well as in global (bio)geochemical cycling.

Geo- and Astrochronology: Understanding the absolute and/or relative age of sedimentary successions, and the rate of change in physical, biological and geochemical parameters recorded therein, is essential for understanding the underlying processes that controlled (changes in) Earth’s climate, environment and depositional conditions. I study sedimentary successions and integrate chemo-, bio-, magneto and cyclostratigraphy with radio-isotope chronology, to constrain (1) the rate of change in past climates, environments, biodiversity and (bio)geochemical cycling (for example during Global Change Events, Mass Extinction Events, and OAEs), and (2) constrain detailed relative and absolute time-scales throughout Earth history.


I currently teach:

GSU22202/22205 Sedimentary Processes and Environments (SF/2nd yr)
GLU44902 Spain Fieldwork (SS/4th yr)
GLU44901 Geological Field mapping (SS/4th yr)
ES7055 Deep Time Earth System Science (MSc)

I furthermore contribute to:

GSU11002/11005 Spaceship Earth (JF/1st yr)

Peer-reviewed Publications:

(Google Scholar: Dr. Micha Ruhl)

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In Review/ Revision/Submitted:

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(Updated March 2023)