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PhD Sarah Carty Tellus Urban: exploring anthropogenic pollution in Dublin soils
MSc Lydia Whittaker Temporal variability in the depths and timescales of magma storage before major explosive eruptions
MSc Karrer Kazyumba The Palaeo-Ecology and Geochemistry of Potential Source and Reservoir Microbialites in the Ediacaran-Cambrian Sirab Formation, Sultanate of Oman
MSc  Shannon Dennehy DENNEHSH@TCD.IE The thermal history of the Precambrian basement of offshore Ireland and surrounding regions
MSc  Matthew Mawson MAWSONM@TCD.IE Characterization of Ophiolite-Hosted Cobalt mineralization in Northern Ireland
MSc Talha Ucar Origin of Epithermal Type Mineralization and Alteration
PhD Alexandra Stavropoulou Efficient characterisation of minerals and fabrics with the scanning electron microscope
PhD Conor Smith GRADS & SMARTS (GRoundwater Age DistributionS for the Sustainable MAnagement of gRoundwaTer reSources in Ireland)
PhD Niamh Faulkner TARGETing crystallisation for Enhanced Carbon Capture and Storage (TARGET-CCS)
PhD Adrienn Szucs Design of synthetic rare earth minerals for chemical filters
PhD Melanie Maddin SEparating Critical metals ThrOugh mineRal crystallization (SEleCTOR)
PhD Luca Terribili SEparating Critical metals ThrOugh mineRal crystallization (SEleCTOR)
PhD Bruna Chagas de Melo Dynamics and evolution of the lithosphere and the underlying mantle, from array and waveform tomography
PhD Johanneke De Laat Global waveform tomography with focus on the North Atlantic
PhD Hilde Koch The chemostratigraphy and petrology of Mississipian volcanogenic clay bands (tuffs) in the Irish Midlands
PhD Vincent Monchal MONCHALV@TCD.IE U-Pb carbonate dating by LA-ICP-MS
PhD Fermin Alvarez Agoues Common Era Relative Sea Level Change in the North Atlantic Region
PhD Meabh Hughes A Geochemical, Geophysical and Geological Study of Radon Gas distribution in Castleisland, Co Kerry
PhD Erica Krueger Cold-water corals: Assessing the impacts of multiple stressors and developing novel geochemical proxies for environmental change
PhD Eoghan Corbett Refinement of high spatial resolution U-Pb geochronological methodologies
PhD Almahdi Al Shawib Anatomy of early continental rifting: An integrated pedofacies, spectral gamma and paleomagnetic approach
PhD Emma Blanka Kovács The role of large ignous province volcanism in Early Jurassic global environmental change and mass extinction events  
PhD Brendan Hoare The making of stable continents
PhD Lucy Blennerhassett The effect of climatic warming on the frequency of volcanic eruptions in Iceland
PhD Vitor Azevedo Testing volcanic - climatic linkages across the caldera cycle: a case study from Campi Flegrei 
PhD Fay Amstutz Determining the impact of mush dynamics on the style of volcanic eruptions at the active Campi Flegrei caldera, Italy  
PhD Shujing Zhang Constraining global change events in the marine sedimentary record by novel LA-QQQ-ICP-MS approaches
PhD Didi Wu  Constraining extension in an intracontinental mountain belt (the Great Xing’an Range)
PhD Ee Liang Chua    Simultaneous inversion of source parameters and high-resolution Earth models