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Analytical facilities


The Department of Geology hosts state-of-the-art analytical facilities, with a particular focus on elemental geochemistry and geochronology.  We analyse a variety of Earth materials, from water and peat to volcanic glass and minerals, such as apatite and diamond, in order to determine age, provenance and formation processes and address a range of geological questions. We specialise in analytical method development and refinement, including ultra-low trace element analysis and 2D and 3D mapping.

Facilities include two LA-ICP-MS systems, a solution ICP-MS system and associated clean laboratory for ultra-low blank trace element analyses, two dedicated geoscience field emission gun SEMs including one instrument with in-built Raman, polychromatic CL and large-format EDS detectors. The department is also equipped with a CF-IRMS for the analysis of H-C-N-O isotopes in organic matter and carbonates. The Geology department also hosts full sample preparation facilities for rock crushing, mineral separation and a thin section laboratory.

In Situ Geochemistry





Bulk Geochemistry





National Centre for Isotope Geochemistry (NCIG), UCD

Earth Surface Research Laboratory (ESRL)

Trinity College research facility, undertaking analysis for the GSI TELLUS geochemical survey



Hg Analyser

Elemental Analyser

Sample preparation

Sample Analysis


Fission Track

Raman (iCRAG@TCD)


Sample Preparation

Rock cutting


Crushing and milling

Mineral separation

Tephra separation

Clean laboratory

General preparation laboratory

Centre for Microscopy and Analysis (CMA)

Accredited commercial analytical testing:

  • Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscopy (FE-SEM) & Energy Dispersive X-Ray Microanalysis
  • White Light Interferometer
  • Arc Spark Optical Emission Spectrometer
  • Microscope FTIR