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Dr. Sean McClenaghan

Research Assistant:

Gary O'Sullivan


Unit 7, Trinity Technology And Enterprise Centre (TTEC), Pearce Street.


  • Photon machines G2 193nm UV laser with a Helex two-volume cell coupled to a Thermo iCAPQ ICP-MS
  • Sample introduced using an ARIS capillary via an (optional) in house signal-smoothing device.
  • Samples analysed as spots, rasters or 2D/3D maps using a rotating adjustable rectangular mask (6-156µm).


Holders for 4 x 5cm (or 2 x 7.5 cm) thin sections and 3 x 2.5cm round epoxy mounts and for9 x 2.5cm round epoxy mounts.
Regularly used for analysis of volcanic glass, sulphide minerals, apatite, filter papers, carbonates.

Additional information:

We were the launch customer for the iCAPQ in Ireland and a trial site for the ARIS device.

Selected lab publications:

Petrus, J.A., Chew, D.M., Leybourne, M.I and Kamber, B.S. (2017) A new approach to laser-ablation inductively-coupled-plasma mass spectrometry (LA-ICP-MS) using the flexible map interrogation tool 'Monocle'. Chemical Geology, 463, 76-93
Stead C, Tomlinson EL, McKenna C, Kamber BS, (2017) Rare earth element partitioning and subsolidus exchange behaviour in olivine, Chemical Geology,  275, 1-13, 10.1016/j.chemgeo.2017.10.020
Ubide, T, McKenna, C.A., Chew, D.M. and Kamber, B.S. (2015): High-resolution LA-ICP-MS trace element mapping of igneous minerals: in search of magma histories. Chemical Geology, 409, 157-168.
Gallagher, M., Turner, E.C. and Kamber B.S. (2015): In-situ trace metal analysis of Neoarchaean – Ordovician shallow-marine microbial carbonate-hosted pyrites. Geobiology, 13, 316-339.
Chew, D.M., Donelick, R.A., Donelick, M.B., Kamber, B.S., and Stock, M.J. (2014): Apatite chlorine concentration measurements by LA-ICPMS. Geostandards and Geoanalytical Research, 38, 23-35. Mouchi, V., Crowley, Q.G., Ubide, T., 2016. AERYN : a simple standalone application for visualizing and enhancing elemental maps, Applied Geochemistry, 75, 44-53.
Mouchi, V., Crowley, Q.G., Jackson, A.L., McDermott, F., Monteys, X., de Rafélis, M., Luis Rueda, J. Lartaud, F. 2014. Potential seasonal calibration for palaeoenvironmental reconstruction using skeletal microstructures and strontium measurements from the cold-water coral Lophelia pertusa, Journal of Quaternary Science, 29, 803-814.