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Practical Environmental Skills (ES7049) Overview

The Practical Environmental Skills (ES7049) module introduces students to the practical application of field and laboratory skills. Through a series of project-based activities, that includes field trip courses to the environmentally significant catchments in Ireland, and a residential field course based in Almeria, SE Spain, students gain hands-on experience. This immersive experience exposes students to diverse environmental complex problems, facilitating hands-on learning in environmental surveying across various regimes. The module specifically addresses challenges associated with human activities such as agricultural and industrial activities, emphasizing the impact of those activities on water and soil quality. The objectives of this module are to conduct standard tests to identify pollution sources, understand soil-water pollutant interactions, classify pollution levels, and assess environmental damage caused by different activities. Additionally, students evaluate the environmental performance of solar technologies, recognizing both positive and negative impacts. Overall, this module equips students with practical skills and a problem-solving mindset crucial for addressing real-world environmental issues effectively.

Field Trip

Southern Spain, April 2024

Rivers Liffey and Avoca, April 2024

Southern Spain, April 2023

River Liffey, April 2023


Our module kindly benefits from collaborations with firms that examine the environment. This includes the loaning and donation of equipment and guest lectures.

Air Water Noise (AWN)