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Research Highlights

Research paperLA-ICP-MS imaging in the geosciences and its applications to geochronology


Research paperHumphreys, M.C.S., Smith, V.C., Coumans, J.P., Riker, J.M., Stock, M.J., de Hoog, J.C.M., & Brooker, R.A., 2021. Rapid pre-eruptive mush reorganisation and atmospheric volatile emissions from the 12.9 ka Laacher See eruption, determined using apatite. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 576, 117198.

Research paperGleeson, M.L.M., Gibson, S.A., Stock, M.J., & EIMF, 2021. Constraints on the behaviour and content of volatiles in Galápagos magmas from melt inclusions and nominally anhydrous minerals. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta.

Research paperLuciani, V., D'Onofrio, R., Dickens, G.R. & Wade, B.S., 2021. Dextral to sinistral coiling switch in planktic foraminifer Morozovella during the Early Eocene Climatic Optimum. Global and Planetary Change, 013634. DOI

Research paperBarefoot, E.A., Nittrouer, J.A., Foreman, B.Z., Hajek, E.A., Dickens, G.R., Baisden, T., & Toms, L., 2021. Evidence for enhanced fluvial channel mobility and fine sediment export due to precipitation seasonality during the Paleocene-Eocene thermal maximum. Geology, DOI

Research paperEmma L. Tomlinson and Balz Kamber (2021) Depth-dependent peridotite-melt interaction and the origin of variable silica in the cratonic mantle, Nature Communications. A new, clearer insight into Earth’s hidden crystals, read the article here on Trinity News

Research paperBrendan C.Hoare, Emma L.Tomlinson, Jaime D.Barnes, Sebastian Tappe, Michael A.W. Marks, Tatjana Epp, John Caulfield, Thomas Riegler. Tracking halogen recycling and volatile loss in kimberlite magmatism from Greenland: Evidence from combined F-Cl-Br and δ37Cl systematics.

Research paperCorbett, E.P., Simonetti, A., Shaw, P., Corcoran, L., Crowley, Q.G., Hoare, B.C. 2020. Shallow sampling by multi-shot laser ablation and its application within U-Pb zircon geochronology, Chemical Geology, DOI.