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X-ray diffraction laboratory


X-ray diffraction laboratory


Dr Robbie Goodhue


Unit 7, Trinity Technology And Enterprise Centre (TTEC), Pearce Street.


Bruker D5000 powder with has a 2.2 kW Cu long fine focus (0.4 x 12mm filament) a scintillation counter detector, and configurable optics (standard configuration: 2.5° primary soller, 1 mm aperture diaphragm, 1 mm scattered radiation diaphragm, no secondary soller, 0.2 mm detector diaphragm and a secondary curved graphite monochromator).


Powdered samples, typically 0.6 – 1.0 g. Can run smaller samples and <2 μm clay extracts.

Additional information:

Bruker Diffrac.EVA software is used to peak-matching to database lines in the current International Centre for Diffraction Data, Pennsylvania, PDF-4 3+ database. Semi-quantitative analysis is preformed using Sietronics Siroquant software (Version 4.0, Release 5, with database v3.0g).Radiation Safety Training required before use.