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iCRAG lab @TCD


iCRAG lab @TCD

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Staff contact

Dr. Emma Tomlinson

Research assistant

Dr Paul Guyett


Basement, 4/5 East End, TCD


  • Tescan TIGER MIRA3 FEG-SEM equipped with motorised backscatter electron and colour cathodoluminescence detectors, two Oxford Instruments X-Max 150 mm2 detectors and a WITec RISE Raman system.
  • Fully quantitative point analysis (Astimex 53 calibration), elemental mapping and mineral liberation analysis with Oxford Instruments Aztec software, correlative Raman mapping.


  • Holds 2 x 2.5cm round epoxy mounts and 1 x 2.5 cm x 7.5 cm thin sections or 4 x 2.5cm round epoxy mounts
  • Principally used for elemental analysis of polished thin section samples or imaging using BSE or CL detectors.
  • Examples of samples analysed include silicate minerals, tephra, sulphides, apatite.

Additional information

The Tescan TIGER is a custom-built analytical instrument involving three companies from three countries; Tescan in the Czech Republic, Oxford Instruments in the United Kingdom, and WITec in Germany.

Selected lab. publications:
Ubide T. and Kamber BS (2018): Volcanic crystals as time capsules of eruption history. Nature Communications 9, 326.
Henrichs IA, O’Sullivan G, Chew DM, Mark C, Babechuk MG, McKenna C, Emo R (2018). The trace element and U-Pb systematics of metamorphic apatite. Chemical Geology, 483, 218–238.