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Name: Erica Terese Krueger

Erica Terese Krueger

Contact Details


Title of Project

Cold-water corals: Assessing the impacts of multiple stressors and developing novel geochemical proxies for environmental change

Name of supervisors

Dr Quentin Crowley

Postgraduate research summary

Erica is a PhD student with a research interest in deep sea cold-water corals. Her research includes biomineralisation and crystallographic ordering of various coral species, anthropogenic stressors and climate change impacts, and developing novel geochemical proxies for seawater temperature. A Florida native, Erica holds a BSc (cum laude) in marine science with a minor in geology and an MSc in environmental science. Her undergraduate research focused on the geology of Estero Bay, FL, and its influence on Calusa cultural development, while her graduate thesis concentrated on the analysis of upper ocean response from major hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico and western Caribbean Sea through the use of satellite imagery. Erica currently serves as the postgraduate representative on the School of Natural Sciences Executive Committee.

Project Start Date

September 2019