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Prof. David Chew

Professor in Geology

Tel: + 353 1 896 3481 
Office: Museum Building, Office 0.18A


My research involves applying geochronology and isotope geochemistry to various problems in the geosciences. My current research interests include isotopic dating of sedimentation and quantifying the timing and rates of tectonic processes such as orogenesis (mountain building) and exhumation. The isotopic dating studies are being undertaken on rocks devoid of fossils (such as Neoproterozoic glacial sequences) and also on Phanerozoic sequences with high biostratigraphic resolution (for example to constrain the onset and duration of Palaeozoic glacial–interglacial cycles).  My tectonics research includes investigating exhumation mechanisms in orogenic and rift settings using low temperature thermochronology and investigating the timing and causes of orogenesis in ancient orogenic belts (the Caledonides and Andes).


Senior Freshman
GSU22003 Tectonics: Shaping Planet Earth 

Junior Sophister
GLU33013 Tectonics & Structural Geology
GSU33007 Geoscience Field Course



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