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Why is Trinity a Tobacco Free Campus?

Consideration for others

Over half of Trinity undergraduates say they’re affected by smoke outside their building. Smoke also drifts into buildings and affects those inside, even in some areas, where windows are closed.

Cleaner Campus

Trinity’s campus is beautiful and cigarette butts on the ground are ugly.  Tobacco free means a cleaner campus for us all.

Healthy Campus

People who regularly see smoking, are more likely to smoke.  That includes people who have never smoked and those who are trying to stop.  By making smoking less visible, we can help the majority of smokers who want to stop.  Better again, we can increase people’s likelihood of never starting.

The Broader Context

Many third-level institutions in Ireland are exploring becoming or have become completely tobacco free. Over 2,000 in America already are.  The Department of Health’s Tobacco Free Ireland aims to “Promote tobacco free campuses for all third-level institutions”.