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Liveable Dublin: Lunch-box Lab

In November 2019, the Liveable Dublin Partnership of Healthy Trinity, the Ignite Office at Trinity College and the Amsterdam-based BYCS hosted a workshop with the support of Dublin City Council. Over 60 attendees from the general public as well as students and staff from Trinity marked out changes they would like on Dublin's roads, in particular on the routes between Trinity's campuses and residences.

The maps on which they worked were:

  • College Green
  • College Green to the Grand Canal Innovation District
  • College Green to St James’s University Hospital
  • College Green to St Stephen’s Green
  • Trinity to Trinity Hall, Rathmines

The Liveable Dublin team analysed the 236 comments received and identified eight areas of priority for attendees.

  • Active Transport Interventions
  • Affordability
  • Greening
  • Enforcement
  • Maintenance
  • Placemaking
  • Programming
  • Transit

As agreed with attendees, Trinity prioritised projects according to criteria of significance to the University. All data however, are collated. You can read the full report here, download all participants' comments and their analysis in MSExcel here and you can see images of the completed maps here.

To progress priority projects identified Trinity will:

1. Host Lab #2 as a demonstration of what's possible for Liveability on Nassau Street

ACTION: This project was to be advanced during Trinity Week, April 2020.  However, due to COVID-19, this event was cancelled and the Smarter Travel Working Group, instead, hosted an online meeting with Dublin City Council to discuss this location.  Then, the Smarter Travel Working Group formally submitted a request previously discussed for a contra-flow bike lane on Nassau Street.  This was implemented by Dublin City Council in May 2020.  Other demonstration projects to be determined.

2. Add Bicycle Parking to our Campus

ACTION: Work within Trinity’s Estates Strategy to upgrade bike parking on campus and to ensure that bike parking for new buildings complies with planning permission. 

3. Launch a Social Media Campaign on the Benefits of Active Transportation

ACTION: Complete. See campaign here.

4. Perform a Bike Parking Audit in Rathmines (where Trinity Hall residents shop/socialise)

ACTION:  Complete Healthy Trinity Ambassador led video and written audit of bike parking from the canal in Rathmines to Trinity Hall by October 2020. 

5. Advance the Four Cities Cycling Supports research project

ACTION: Complete. To see the project email Martina Mullin.

6. Host Lab #3 as a Super Block Seminar to understand opportunities for Dublin based on learning from Barcelona

ACTION:  Organise a lunchtime lab on superblocks in 2020. 

Next Steps - Would you like to Be Involved?

The Healthy Trinity Smarter Travel Working Group, led by Martina Mullin, Health Promotion Officer, and Dr. Michael McKillen, Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute, is advancing this Liveable Dublin project in partnership with Sarah Bowman, Director of the Health Research Board-Irish Research Council Ignite Programme in Trinity and Maud de Vries, CEO and Founder of  The aim of the partnership is to advocate for a built environment that supports active transportation, greening, placemaking features, play and community engagement.  This work is supported by Dublin City Council. 

In May 2020, Trinity made this submission to Dublin City Council to advance active transportation routes between Trinity’s campuses, in response to COVID-19 physical distancing requirements. Over the coming months, this Working Group will be advancing priority projects and supporting Dublin City Council in advancing sustainable mobility projects.  There are opportunities for you to become involved, including research, demonstration projects, and educational events aimed at advancing a Liveable Dublin. 

If you are interested in collaborating or would like more information on the Liveable Dublin project please contact:

Martina Mullin
Health Promotion Officer
College Health Centre
Trinity College Dublin
01 8962566