6. Web Server Usage

Our website is a primary platform promoting Trinity to a worldwide external audience and internal audience and only files that relate to this should be stored on the web server.  Files such as teaching materials and internal documents should be stored in the relevant University provided systems (see section 2.8).

6.1 Applications and Databases

  • The installation and development of applications on www.tcd.ie by users is not permitted (for example, mysql databases, PHP scripts etc.).
  • If an application or additional functionality is required by an area, a proposal giving details of the requirements should be submitted to IT Services, initially by emailing itservicedesk@tcd.ie, where the request will be reviewed. 
  • All databases should comply with GDPR regulations and in particular not store any personal or sensitive data.
  • Development work on the Trinity website must comply with data protection, legal requirements and Trinity's web privacy statement.
  • Personal data, including sensitive personal data, is information relating to a living individual who is, or can be, identified, either from the data or from the data in conjunction with other information.

This is a highly regulated area and in order to assist Trinity users in complying with the relevant legislation and Trinity policies please see the following: