Project DT3: Web Content Management System (WCMS)

The Trinity website is the university’s main platform to promote Trinity to a global audience. The objective of the Digital Trinity 3 / Web Transformation project is to eliminate risk to the website and deliver a robust, scalable and easy-to-use Web Content Management System (WCMS) for the university. This in turn will improve and enhance the Trinity website with regard to security and compliance. It will ensure brand consistency through the use of consistent web templates and provide all college web editors with quick and easy publishing. It will also enable website functionality such as data capture, repurposing content and personalisation that is vital in supporting Trinity’s key objectives for student recruitment, research and rankings.

Project Overview

This project will implement a full-scale, college-wide solution for a web content management system that hosts all relevant microsites and webpages as defined in the scope of the detailed business plan. This will involve reviewing the current server and migrating all relevant content within scope hosted on the web server. The project will also provide training in the new WCMS and a support agreement for the new technologies.

Project Objectives

The key objective of the WCMS project is to mitigate the risks to the website as well as deliver significant improvements and enhancements to the current website, including:

  • A robust and flexible enterprise Web Content Management System that will provide oversight and central control over website content creation, management and publishing across
  • Reduction in the risk of system failure and potential discontinuity / breaks in service.
  • The successful migration of the Trinity homepage, top level pages, academic and administrative microsites.
  • The successful redevelopment and migration of the courses website in to the new WCMS.
  • Security is addressed via roles, permissions with central control and management over the content creation and publishing process for web editors.
  • Removal of single points of failure with formal maintenance and support arrangements in place via an external support agreement with vendor.
  • A new WCMS that is easy to use for the college community of web editors.
  • The ability of web editors to publish to the website remotely - anytime / anywhere.
  • Significant reduction in the amount of broken links and duplicated content across
  • A training programme that encourages users to adapt the system and adopt it fully.
  • Improved brand consistency with integrated standard web templates that form the basis of the design for all Trinity microsites.

Steering Committee

The Web Transformation Project (WTP) Steering Committee is responsible for tracking the execution of a project to install a new WCMS for the Trinity College Dublin website. The committee is responsible for ensuring that the delivery of the web transformation project  remains on time, within budget and within scope, for monitoring the risk and issues registers.



Role on Committee

Mr Leonard Hobbs

Director, Trinity Research & Innovation

Chair of Steering Group

Mr Tom Molloy

Director of Public Affairs & Communications

Project Sponsor

Ms Maura Horan

Head of Web, IT Services

Project Lead, Web SME

Ms Monica Timmins

WCMS Project Manager, IT Services

Project Manager

Mr Patrick Magee

Director of IT Services

IT Services representative

Mr Alan O’Meara

Chief Technical Officer (specialist), School of Physics

Faculty of Engineering, Mathematics and Science representative

Ms Ann Walsh

Trinity Development & Alumni

Associate Director of Communications & Digital Marketing, Trinity Development & Alumni

Mr Alex McKee, Medicine

School Manager, School of Medicine

Faculty of Health Sciences representative

Prof Linda Hogan

Professor of Ecumenics, School of Religion

Faculty of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences representative

Mr Carlos Mandolesi

 Project Management Office

Portfolio Manager

Mr Brian O'Connor Finance Partner Corporate Services Division


Migrating your microsite to the new WCMS

If you would like to know more about how to prepare your microsite for migration to the new web content management system, please contact the Digital and Web team at with subject ref - WCMS microsite migration.