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Policy statement

1. Policy Statement

1.1 Trinity College Dublin website aims to provide accurate, useful and timely information on all aspects of Trinity's activities to both members of Trinity and external users.

1.2 Trinity website aims to be accessible to all users including people with disabilities. All new websites within Trinity website are required to be universally accessible at priority levels 1 and 2 except in very exceptional circumstances - see Section 3.1

1.3 Only those web pages which contain the domain name will be hosted on any server on Trinity network.

1.4 Trinity's web resources will only be used by members of Trinity for Trinity-related activities.

1.5 Users of Trinity's web resources will adhere at all times to the Trinity's Code of Conduct for the use of computing resources.

1.6 Trinity's web pages will be up-dated regularly and will not contain out-of-date i.e. older than 2 years, or inaccurate material.

1.7 Users of Trinity web resources will not make use of, or publish, material that is obscene, libellous or defamatory or in violation of any right of any third party. Users of Trinity web resources will not publish material which would bring the name of Trinity College Dublin into disrepute.

1.8 Users of Trinity web resources will comply with the requirements of relevant legislation – see Section 3.

1.9 All pages within Trinity website will conform to the Trinity's IT security policies.

1.10 Advertising and/or other commercial activities will only be permitted on Trinity's website under very specific conditions – see Section 5.

1.11 The design of all Trinity web pages will conform to the technical and design requirements developed by the Trinity's Web Management Committee with the exception of web pages developed by undergraduate students for publication on Trinity's local intranet – see Section 2.6.

1.12 Policy for maintenance of websites on the Web Server. This policy is to establish the fact that all Trinity areas are responsible for the provision of funding for maintenance of websites on the Web Server, whether purchased from external companies or otherwise designed or contracted internally. Ideally 10% – 15% should be put by annually to cover these costs should they arise. Future upgrades to the web server will not be deferred due to out of date or non compliant code.