Web Governance Group

Terms of Reference

  1. Develop policies for access to, and placing information on, the University website for both external and internal users with specific emphasis on compliance with current legislation
  2. Advise the Library and Information Policy Committee of any risks to which the College may be exposed in relation to the website
  3. Assist Faculties, Schools, Support and Service areas in presenting a profile of high quality on the College’s website
  4. Clarify resources needed to enhance the College’s presence on the Internet and seek necessary support if required

The Web Governance Group will report to the Library and Information Policy Committee to which it will also present policy proposals for consideration on an annual basis.


Web Governance Group Membership



Prof Ruth Barton

Head of School of Creative Arts (Chair)

Ms Maura Horan

Head of Web (Secretary)

Mr Tom Molloy

Director of Public Affairs and Communications

Ms Beibhinn Coman

Director of Marketing

Ms Breda Walls Director of Student Services

Prof Gavin Doherty

Associate Professor, Computer Science (STEM)

Prof Mark Sweetnam

Assistant Professor, English (AHSS)

Prof Lorraine O'Driscoll

Professor, Pharmacy (HS)

Mr Philly Holmes

Communications and Marketing Officer, Students’ Union

Igor Ershov

IT Officer, Graduate Students’ Union