5. Advertising and Sponsorship

5.1 Commercial Sponsorship

5.1.1   Links to commercial organisations from the Trinity website are only established if they are specifically relevant to Trinity staff and students if an approved commercial sponsorship has been negotiated by Trinity.

5.1.2   Where links to campus companies are provided on university web pages, they should be clearly identified as campus company links.

5.1.3   No external advertisements, including ‘banner’ advertisements are permitted on the university web site. Cross-promotional advertisement of approved college commercial activities is allowed but no more than one advert per page.

5.1.4 All acknowledgments to sponsors should be discreet and not cover any more than 5% of a normal screen. Sponsors’ logos should be identified as such with the designation ‘Sponsored By’ and the third party and should not be larger than the Trinity logo on any web page. Links from a sponsor’s logo should open to a separate web page. 

5.1.5   No sponsor logo should appear prominently in social media profile pictures or cover photos. Where a sponsor’s logo appears in the Cover photo for a Trinity social media account, the logo should not be larger than the associated profile picture for that account and should be relevant to the content being displayed.

5.1.6   Sponsor logos may appear naturally during live broadcasts on social media channels e.g. event branding. Care must be taken to ensure that the content of any live broadcast of sponsor related activity is relevant to Trinity staff/students/visitors. Where appropriate, inspection of site prior to broadcast should be conducted with event organisers.

5.2 Academic Funding

5.2.1  Where required, all Trinity websites will contain appropriate acknowledgement of research and other funding bodies and sources such as Science Foundation Ireland, National Development Plan, Irish Research Council or commercial organizations.

5.3 Philanthropic Donations

5.3.1   Where a Philanthropic Donation results in a partnership with Trinity (e.g. Blackstone LaunchPad), dual-identity guidelines will apply. Placement of logos, ordinarily reflecting the role of Lead Organisation, will be agreed in negotiation with the partner organisation.

5.3.2   In cases where the donation does not result in a partnership or other programme with the University, appropriate acknowledgement of the donor should be included in relevant websites.