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If you wish to have a video or audio file published to Trinity's central YouTube EDU or iTunes U channels, please complete the following steps:

Prepare your video/audio file

Before submitting your video or audio file, please ensure that all edits are complete and there is no extra noise or silence at the beginning or end. The video/audio should be as high quality as possible.

Video idents must be added to your video. If the video is less than 2 minutes long then only the closing ident must be added.

Video Idents

If not already added during production, your video will need Trinity branded idents. Please find links below for the latest versions:

Opening Ident 1080p

Closing Ident 1080p

Opening Ident 720p

Closing Ident 720p


Please ensure that all copyright and permissions are in place before submitting your video or audio file.  You will need to ensure a disclaimer form has been signed if the video features contributors who are external to Trinity.

Video Formats

The following formats are recommended:

YouTube (video files only)

  • Most formats are suitable (e.g. .mov, .avi, etc.) but .mp4 with h.264 compression is preferred Please see YouTube help guide for further details

iTunes U (video or audio files)

  • .m4v is the preferred format for video files on iTunes U. .mp3 is the preferred format for audio files on iTunes U. Please see iTunes U help guide for further details

Publishing a Video

If you wish to publish a video to YouTube EDU or iTunes U, please complete and submit the ‘Publish Media' form to Digital and Web.  This will ensure that the video will have the correct description and metadata and also help with search engine optimisation. You will also need to send the video/audio file to Digital and Web via  This can done by:

  • Transferring the video/audio file using an online file transfer tool e.g. Dropbox, HEA File Sender.
  • Please note, when sending WeTransfer links, use in the "E-mail to" field.
  • Dropping the video to our offices in Dunlop Oriel House.