4. Publishing Webpages

Authoring and Publishing webpages

4.1 External companies/individuals authoring web pages on behalf of Trinity staff are not given direct access to Trinity server unless this has agreed with IT Services initially, and a formal third party access agreement is in place (see section 3.9).  Publishing web pages to the Trinity web server is the responsibility of the requesting area in Trinity, on whose behalf these web pages have been written. These pages will conform to all policy, technical and design requirements of Trinity web pages.

4.2 Campus Companies and non-Academic organisations based in Trinity pay costs for web services equivalent to those that are allocated in Unit Costs by IT Services. Trinity servers and network access are not available as principal resources for Campus Companies. All web pages for campus companies' pages appear in the tcd.ie domain.

4.3 All pages written for the Trinity website should be readable on the standard versions of browsers.