Web Design

Digital & Web is responsible for the visual design and front end development of the Trinity website on the tcd.ie domain and must be contacted in the first instance by all areas in Trinity for website design requirements including design of a new website, redesign of an existing website, and if required, outsourcing and employment of contractors/suppliers for website design and development (i.e. graphic design, html coding etc.).

In order for Trinity websites to adhere to Trinity policies for web standards and accessibility, website templates should be either coded or work supervised by a digital & web staff member.

This will help ensure that new websites are integrated, supported and easily maintained by Trinity web authors.

Our Design Process

Our design process is divided into 2 main parts. Part One involves you completing a design brief questionnaire and sitemap. Please note digital & web is available to assist you in developing a new sitemap if needed. We will then provide you with a draft website based on this sitemap which will enable you to upload the content for your new website.

Once all content has been uploaded, Part Two can commence and design work may be scheduled. Part Two concentrates on the visual design of the new website and agreeing a timeline for the remainder of the project to the launch of your website.

Please contact Digital & web at digital@tcd.ie if you have any queries regarding the information above.