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7 Web Design

The following policy relates to the design of websites that are hosted on including all websites for academic, administrative, service and support areas.

Trinity's central Digital & Web team is the first point of contact for web design activities for  In order to ensure consistent design and navigation for Trinity, websites and webpages are designed and implemented using the approved Trinity templates.  In order to achieve this;

  • All web pages on must include the Trinity Header and Footer.
  • Specific sections of webpages (A,B, and C* in the diagram below) are designed, maintained and updated by the Digital & Web team.   Areas requesting websites are consulted as needed throughout the process.
  • *Section C can also be updated by Trinity areas.
  • Section D, relating to webpage content is maintained and up-dated by the Trinity area.  Each head of area is responsible for the legal compliance, accuracy and completeness of the content of their websites