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Democracy and Development B

Module Code: POU33062

Module Name: Democracy and Development B 2023-24

  • ECTS Weighting: 5
  • Semester/Term Taught: Semester 2
  • Contact Hours: 2 hours lecture/seminar per week; 1 tutorial per fortnight
  • Module Personnel: Eman Aboud

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module students should be able to:

  • Understand  and debate different understandings and conceptualizations of corruption
  • Assess the strengths and weakness of cross-national corruption measures
  • Discuss the difference and connection between political and bureaucratic corruption
  • Understand the mixed effects of corruption on economic development, growth and social inequality
  • Assess how institutions and electoral rules shapes incentives for corruption
  • Differentiate and compare the effectiveness of domestic and international anti-corruption tools

Module Learning Aims

By the end of this module, students will be familiar with the impact of corruption on democratic regimes.

Module Content

This course examines corruption, a global problem present in dictatorships as well as democracies, in developing and more developed societies alike. In particular, the course focuses on the impact of corruption on democratic regimes. At the extreme, corruption hampers economic development, reinforces social inequality, and undermines democratic development generally. We start by defining and conceptualizing corruption, and discuss alternative tools to measure and evaluate the extent of corruption within a given country. The course will then examine the causes and consequence of political and bureaucratic corruption. Last, but not least, the course explores existing domestic and international strategies to contain and control corruption.

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Recommended Reading List (TBC)

Tilly, Charles. 1992. Coercion, Capital and European States AD 990-1992. Blackwell Publishing.

Fukuyama, Francis. 2011. The Origins of Political Order: From Prehuman Times to the French Revolution. Macmillan.

Walle, Nicolas van de. 2001. African Economies and the Politics of Permanent Crisis, 1979-1999. Cambridge University Press.

Herbst, Jeffrey. 2000. States and Power in Africa. Princeton University Press.

Assessment Details (TBC)

  • Participation - 10%
  • Mid-Term Essay - 30%
  • Final Essay - 60%

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