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Undergraduate Lecture Timetable 2020-21

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The timetable below is subject to change during the academic year. Students are advised to consult their TCD portal page for the most up-to-date listing of the timetable. Tutorials are not included in the list below.

Junior Fresh (1st Year)

Module Code Module Name Lecturer Teaching Assistants Lecture Times(s) Lecture Locations
POU11011 Introduction to Political Science A Dr Liam Kneafsey  



POU11012 Introduction to Political Science B Dr Emanuel Coman  



POU11021 Politics and Irish Society A Dr Jacqueline Hayden  



POU11022 Politics and Irish Society B Dr Jacqueline Hayden  



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Senior Fresh Semester 1 (2nd year)

Module Code Module Name Lecturer Teaching Assistants Lecture Times(s) Lecture Locations
POU22011 History of Political Thought A Prof. Peter Stone  


POU22012 History of Political Thought B Prof. Peter Stone  


POU22021 International Relations A: Theories of International Politics Prof. William Phelan  


POU22022 International Relations B: Topics and Treaties Prof. William Phelan  


POU22031 Comparative Politics A Dr Lisa Keenan  


POU22032 Comparative Politics B Dr Noah Buckley  



The 2020-21 Trinity Electives timetable should be available on the Trinity Electives website.

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Junior Sophister Semester 1 (3rd Year)

Module Code Module Name Lecturer Teaching Assistants Lecture Times(s) Lecture Locations
POU33011 Research Methods for Political Science A Dr Thomas Chadefaux  


POU33012 Research Methods for Political Science B Dr Constantine Boussalis      
POU33021 Irish Politics A: Constitution, Elections, Parties and Parliament Prof. Michael Gallagher      
POU33032 Irish Politics B: Governance in Ireland, Politics in Northern Ireland Prof. Michael Gallagher      
POU33041 Political Institutions of the United States Dr Emanuel Coman      
POU33051 Democracy and Development A Dr Michelle D'Arcy      
POU33062 Democracy and Development B Dr Roman-Gabriel Olar      
POU33071 European Union Politics A Prof. Raj Chari      
POU33082 European Union Politics B Prof. Raj Chari      
POU33091 Political Violence A: Theories of Political Violence and Conflict Dr Liam Kneafsey      
POU33102 Political Violence B: Political Violence and Conflict in Comparative Context Dr Liam Kneafsey      
POU33111 Public Opinion Dr Noah Buckley      
POU33132 The European Court of Justice and Other Famous Courts Prof. William Phelan      
POU33152 German Politics Dr Jan Berz      

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Senior Sophister (4th Year)

Module Code Module Name Lecturer Lecture Time(s) Lecture Location
POU44000 Year Long Research Project (Capstone / Dissertation) Co-ordinator: Dr Liam Kneafsey    
POU44010 Issues in Contemporary Politics Dr Jacqueline Hayden    
POU44021 Contemporary International Relations A Dr Constantine Boussalis    
POU44032 Contemporary International Relations B Dr Jesse Dillon Savage    
POU44040 African Politics Dr Michelle D'Arcy    
POU44061 Autocracy Dr Roman-Gabriel Olar    
POU44062 Human Rights Dr Roman-Gabriel Olar    
POU44101 Topics: Transparency in Modern Democracies Prof. Raj Chari    
POU44112 Topics: Political Parties Dr Emanuel Coman    
POU44132 Topics: Military and Politics Dr Jesse Dillon Savage    
POU44141 Economic Inequality and Democracy Dr Alexander Held    
POU44152 Right Wing Populism in Contemporary Democracies Dr Alexander Held    
POU44172 Russian Politics after Communism Dr Noah Buckley    
POU44191 Advanced Topics in Civil Conflict Dr Dino Hadzic    
POU44202 Ethnic Politics and Identity Dr Dino Hadzic    
POU44231 Topics in German Politics Dr Jan Berz    
POU44251 Politics of Forced Migration Mr Oguzhan Turkoglu    
POU44271 Religion and Politics Dr Gizem Arikan    
POU44292 Electoral Accountability in Parliamentary Systems Dr Jan Berz    
POU44302 Political Change in the Republic of Ireland Dr Lisa Keenan    
POU44321 Topics in Political Psychology Dr Gizem Arikan    

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Key to Room Locations

  • ARTS = The Arts Block
  • GH= Goldsmith Hall
  • RH = Regent House
  • COLL GRN = College Green
  • MUSB = Museum Building
  • AP = Aras an Phairsaig
  • HAM= Hamilton Building
  • DOL = D’Olier Street - School of Nursing
  • CHEM= Chemistry Building
  • MUSB - Museum Building
  • LLOYD INST - Lloyd Institute
  • ARTS 1008 - Edmund Burke Theatre
  • ARTS 2037 - Robert Emmet Theatre
  • ARTS 2039 - JM Synge Theatre
  • ARTS 2041A - Jonathan Swift Theatre
  • ARTS 3020 - BESS Seminar Rm.
  • ARTS 5051 - Russian Seminar Rm.

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