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Student Name/Email Title of Doctoral Thesis Supervisor
Andrej Cvetic The impact of electoral success of the right-wing populist parties on political integration of Muslims in Western Europe Dr Gizem Arikan
Lucas Da Silva Social Democratic Party Positioning, Issue Framing, and Right-wing Workers: Explaining Voting that Contradicts Economic Interests Dr Jan Berz
Hannah Frank Forecasting Transitions in Civil War Dr Thomas Chadefaux
Jack O'Neill Examining the lobbying behaviour and strategies of Multinational Enterprises before, during, and after the Covid-19 pandemic. Dr Raj Chari
Marina Schenkel The Effect of Populism on Health Emergencies: Explaining Variation in Government Responses to COVID-19 Dr Constantine Boussalis
Thomas Schincariol Identification and classification of climatic patterns to forecast conflict-related processes Dr Thomas Chadefaux
Callum Craig Collective Victimhood Narratives in US Politics: Identifying Elite Victimhood Claims and Their Outcomes Dr Constantine Boussalis
Amelie Freiberg Sexual violence in civil war: Understanding patterns of combatant socialisation Dr Dino Hadzic
Sinéad Harrington Party Competition and Electoral Formula as Causal Factors of Party Change Dr Emanuel Coman
Jan Liedtke On the Relationship between Freedom and the Rule of Law Dr Peter Stone
Markéta Odlová Minorities and the Military: the Effects of Conscription on Social Identity and its Implications for Political Participation and Acculturation Dr Jesse Dillon Savage
Djordje Milosav

Affecting State Legitimacy from Abroad: The effects of visa policies on citizens’ willingness to obey the state

Dr Michelle D'Arcy
Clara Faulí Molas The role of environmental issues in European elections. Assessing whether European elections establish an electoral connection based on these issues Dr Emanuel Coman
Audrey Plan Strategic interactions between International Courts: convergence and divergence between the European Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights Dr William Phelan
Eman Abboud Explaining Variation in Migration Flows: An Examination of Political Drivers of Migration from and within Africa Dr Michelle D'Arcy
Miceal Canavan Explaining Variation in Identity Complexity and Its Effect on Political Preferences Dr Gizem Arikan
Michele McArdle Explaining the Variance in the Likelihood of Within-region Ethnic Violence Dr Jesse Dillon Savage
Samuel Johnston Defining the Nation in Pursuit of Votes: Explaining the Variation in Nationalist Political Party Appeals

Dr Emanuel Coman

Christian Oswald Explaining and Predicting the Adoption, Timing and Location of Terrorism in Civil Conflicts Dr Thomas Chadefaux
Giulia Saydon Interest Group Influence in Public Consultations: Fossil Fuel Producers and Environmental Policy Dr Raj Chari

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