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Dr. Dino Hadzic
Assistant Professor, Political Science

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Strategic deference of the European Court of Justice in, editor(s)Robert M. Howard, Kirk A. Randazzo, and Rebecca A. Reid , Research Handbook on Law and Political Systems, Cheltenham, UK, Elgar Press, 2023, pp325 - 344, [Boston, Joshua and Dino Hadzic] Book Chapter, 2023 URL

Butler, Daniel M., Margit Tavits, and Dino Hadzic, Gender Bias in Policy Representation in Post-Conflict Societies, Political Research Quarterly, 76, (1), 2022, p200 - 212 Journal Article, 2022 URL

Hadzic, Dino and Margit Tavits, Wartime Violence and Post-War Women's Representation, British Journal of Political Science, 51, (3), 2020, p1024 - 1039 Journal Article, 2020 URL

Ainsley, Caitlin, Clifford Carrubba, Brian Crisp, Betül Demirkaya, Matthew Gabel, and Dino Hadzic, Roll Call Vote Selection: Implications for the Study of Legislative Politics, American Political Science Review, 114, (3), 2020, p691 - 706 Journal Article, 2020 URL

Hadzic, Dino and Margit Tavits, The Gendered Effects of Violence on Political Engagement, Journal of Politics, 81, (2), 2019, p676 - 680 Journal Article, 2019 URL

Aksoy, Deniz and Dino Hadzic, Political Institutions and Collective Attachments, European Union Politics, 20, (4), 2019, p584 - 607 Journal Article, 2019 URL

Hadzic, Dino, Policy Preferences in a Post-War Environment, Research and Politics, 5, (2), 2018, p1 - 6 Journal Article, 2018 URL

Hadzic, Dino, David Carlson, and Margit Tavits, How Exposure to Violence Affects Ethnic Voting, British Journal of Political Science, 50, (1), 2017, p345 - 362 Journal Article, 2017 URL

Research Expertise


Ethnic Politics; European politics; Political Behavior; Politics and Gender; Violent Conflict