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Senior Sophister

For those who elect to major in History of Art and Architecture, the fourth year enables students to specialize through a combination of optional modules and Special Subjects modules. Special Subject modules are research driven, and enable small groups of students to work closely with staff in their particular areas of expertise. These range from late medieval Irish art and architecture, to early modern portraiture, to architectural ornament in 18th and 19th century Europe to modern and contemporary Irish art. In addition, final year students research and write a dissertation of c.10,000 words on a topic of their choice.

Throughout the course, students will have an opportunity to study art and architecture at first hand, on campus, in the neighbouring national and municipal institutions, as well as in the streetscapes of the city. Field trips within Ireland and abroad are also fundamental to teaching practices in art history.

Senior Sophister Modules

Special Subjects (students choose one two-part course)

Optional courses (students choose two, one in MT and one in HT)

Group 2018-19 2019-20
A HA4325: Insular Art HA4324: Antiquity and Innovation in Early Medieval Art
B HA4323: To the Glory of God: the art and architecture of the medieval church c.1100-1220 HA4322: Art in the Age of Chivalry, c.1150-1350
C HA4320: City, Court, Campagna: the Foundation of Early Modern Architecture in Europe HA2349: Architecture of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
D HA2342: Painting and Sculpture in 17th-century Europe HA2347: Painting and Sculpture in the Italian Renaissance
E HA 4327: The Age of Rembrandt and Vermeer HA234A: Art in France 1850-1900
F HA4326: Art and Modernism HA4328: Post-Modern and Contemporary Art
G CL1210: Greek and Roman Art and Architecture CL1210: Greek and Roman Art and Architecture