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Senior Fresh (SF) - second year

In their SF year, students are required to take a mandatory element (totalling 10 ECTS), and select two optional modules (10 ECTS each).

Mandatory Course Modules

The mandatory element for SF comprises two modules, one per semester, each of which is worth 5 ECTS. Students must take both, providing a combined value of 10 ECTS. Students may be permitted to substitute a Broad Curriculum module for one of the Mandatory Modules. Such requests should be submitted to Head of Department for approval.

Students must take The Arts of Japan in Hilary Term, but may be permitted to substitute a Broad Curriculum module for Making and Meaning in Irish Art I in Michaelmas Term. Such requests should be submitted to Head of Department for approval.

Optional Modules

In all, ten optional subjects will normally be available to students during the course of their degree. These are offered over a two-year cycle, with up to five optional modules offered in alternate years. Students choose two in each of SF, JS and SS years. SF students, particularly those intending to study the History of Art and Architecture in their 4th year, are advised to consult the sequence carefully, and to take into account the necessity to undertake a range of modules across the groups in order to ensure a spread across different periods, media and geographic areas.

Students should be aware that the content or sequence of modules may be altered in the future, but at present it is intended to offer the following.

Group 2018-19 2019-20
A HA4325: Insular Art HA4324: Antiquity and Innovation in Early Medieval Art
B HA4323: To the Glory of God: the art and architecture of the medieval church c.1100-1220 HA4322: Art in the Age of Chivalry, c.1150-1350
C HA4320: City, Court, Campagna: the Foundation of Early Modern Architecture in Europe HA2349: Architecture of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
D HA2342: Painting and Sculpture in 17th-century Europe HA2347: Painting and Sculpture in the Italian Renaissance
E HA 4327: The Age of Rembrandt and Vermeer HA234A: Art in France 1850-1900
F HA4326: Art and Modernism HA4328: Post-Modern and Contemporary Art
G CL1210: Greek and Roman Art and Architecture CL1210: Greek and Roman Art and Architecture

Classics Option

A module on Greek and Roman art and architecture is taught by the Classics department and is available to a limited number of SF students only, in lieu of an options module. It is not available to History of Art students who are also reading Classical Civilisation or Ancient History and Archaeology. Students may not take both the Greek and Roman module and a Broad Curriculum course.

Broad Curriculum

In lieu of Making and Meaning 1, SF students may opt to take a module offered under the Broad Curriculum in Michaelmas Term. Each BC module bears 5 ECTS. A failure in a Broad Curriculum course cannot be compensated for with passes in other courses. See where a list of modules and the assessment pattern for each course is detailed. Students taking the Greek and Roman module may not also take a Broad Curriculum option.


Students are assessed through coursework, tests and examinations. Full details will be provided to students at the start of their respective courses.