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Molecular Parasitology

Dr Derek Nolan

Head of School of Biochemistry and Immunology

I have worked on African trypanosomes, which cause human sleeping sickness, for twenty years. As a PhD student I investigated the bioenergetics of T. brucei in Paul Voorheis' laboratory at Trinity College Dublin. Subsequently, I moved to Brussels in 1992, as an EMBO fellow, to join the group of Etienne Pays to study the expression and function of surface proteins in trypanosomes.

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MSc. in Immunology Project 2022/23

Video 1: T. brucei Wild type cell

Video 2: FLA2 induced - detached flagellum

Senior Sophister Project 2022/23

Video 1: detached flagellum

Video 2: detached flagellum

Video 3: wild type cell

Video 4: wild type cell


The African trypanosomes are extracellular parasitic protozoa responsible for sleeping sickness in humans and related diseases in domestic animals.

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