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Welcome to the School of Biochemistry & Immunology. Our focus has always been on the core discipline of biochemistry and how it helps us understand organic life and the fundamental mechanisms that underlie human disease. In more recent years we have expanded our biochemistry teaching and research activities into the area of Immunology which has generated an internationally renowned reputation. Our school is a collegial and dynamic community of researchers and our mission is to create a rich educational experience for our undergraduates, graduate students and postdoctoral researchers. While our School is research intensive it maintains a strong international reputation for the quality of its scholarly activities.

There are currently 28 research groups in our school and areas of research in Biochemistry include membrane proteins, enzymology, folic acid biochemistry, structural biology, tRNA biology, neurochemistry, neurodegeneration, metabolism, systems biology, cancer biology, molecular parasitology, apoptosis and drug discovery.

In the area of Immunology our School is active in immunoregulation, immunomodulation, cell signalling in immunity and inflammation, immunoparasitology, vaccine adjuvant research, innate immunity and Inflammation, and viral subversion of immunity.

Our success in these areas is complemented by our substantial investment in cutting-edge facilities for nuclear magnetic resonance, protein crystallization, X-ray crystallography, transgenics, histochemistry, electron microscopy, confocal microscopy, and fluorescence activated cell sorting.

The staff of the School has a passion for discovery, an ability to generate new knowledge, expertise in cutting-edge technologies, a flair for entrepreneurship and innovation, as well as a commitment to communicate their passion and knowledge to students, colleagues and the public.

Our research mission is to discover the fundamental mechanisms that underlie human disease and we engage multi-disciplinary approaches for this endeavour. This approach aims to push the boundaries of discovery by promoting the translation of basic research discoveries into therapies and treatment. Five new campus companies have emerged from our research discoveries that focus on biotherapeutic development.

For further information, please contact the Head of School, Prof. Andrew Bowie (email:, or consult our webpages.