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What do we have?

All microscopes are located in Room -2.46 in the Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute.

Leica SP8 Gated STED

Leica SP8 Gated STED
  • Leica motorised inverted microscope.
  • 10x and 20X dry objectives and 40X, 63X and 100X oil objectives.
  • Resonant scanner for imaging at 24 frames per second.
  • Galvoflow, SuperZ galvanometer.
  • Okolabs stage top 37 degree incubator for live imaging.
  • 592nm STED laser for super resolution imaging.
  • 5 detectors with 3 PMTs and 2 HyD detectors.
  • The light sources include 405nm diode, a multi argon laser and a white laser that can give up to 8 wavelengths simultaneously between 470nm and 670nm.
  • Has both high resolution and flexibility to cover a wide range of experimental setups in fluorescent microscopy.

Leica SP8 confocal

  • Leica inverted microscope.
  • 10x dry objective and 40X, 63X oil objectives.
  • 3 PMT detectors with prism based wavelength separation.
  • Diode lasers at 405nm, 488nm, 552nm and 638nm.

Olympus FV1000 Point-Scanning Confocal Microscope

Olympus FV1000
  • Olympus IX81 motorised inverted microscope.
  • Prior motorised stage.
  • 10X, 20X and 40X dry and 40X and 63X oil objectives.
  • Argon laser, multi-line 457 / 488/ 515 nm, GreenHelium-Neon laser 543 nm, Red Helium-Neon laser 633 nm, Near-Violet Laser diode 405 nm.
  • 3 PMTs and 1 transmission light detector.
  • Fitted with an incubator for live cell experiments.

Andor Spinning disk

Andor Spinning disk
  • Olympus IX81 motorised inverted microscope.
  • Piezo Z and motor XY Stage control.
  • 10X, 20X dry and 40X and 63X oil objectives.
  • PLAPON 60X Oil  NA = 1.42, UV transparent.
  • Yokogawa CSU -X1- A2 Spinning Disk Unit- with straight by-pass mode- Quick switch for cameras use with non-confocal modalities (e.g. DIC, epifluorescence and TIRF) without light loss.
  • Andor Multi-Port Unit MPU - Utilize sharing wavelengths between Spinning Disk, FRAPPA and TIRF devices.
  • FRAPPA unit-Fluorescence Recovery After Photo bleach (FRAP) and Photo Activation (PA).
  • Diode lasers 405nm, 445 nm, 488 nm, 514 nm, 561 nm.
  • CoolLED light source for epi-fluorescence at 445nm, 480nm and 560nm.
  • Two Andor iXon+ ultra sensitive EMCCD cameras.
  • Fitted with an incubator for live cell experiments.

Olympus BX51 upright microscope

Olympus BX51
  • Olympus BX51 upright microscope.
  • 4X, 10X, 20X, 40X and 60X dry objectives.
  • LED light source with 365nm, 470nm, 535nm and 635nm and matching filter cubes.
  • DP73 digital camera and CellSens software.
  • Can be used for slides for brightfield, DIC and immunofluorescence.

Olympus IX81-long focal length Fluorescent microscope

Olympus IX81
  • Olympus IX81 inverted microscope with motorised z stage.
  • 4X, 10X, 20X, 40X and 60X long working distance dry objectives.
  • Filter cube contains dichroics and filters for DAPI, GFP, YFP & Cy3 chromophores.
  • DP71 digital camera and cell dimension imaging software.
  • Can be used for both slides and plastic dishes for brightfield, phase contrast and immunofluorescence.

Nikon Eclipse E400 polarising microscope

  • Nikon E400 upright polarizing microscope
  • 10X, 20X and 40X dry objectives