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In order to realise our vision for Diversity and Inclusion across the College community, students, staff, and the College generally, are provided with services from across a broad range of centres, offices and functions. Please view the list below and follow the relevant link for further information.

Equality Office

The Equality Office's function is to promote equality for staff and students, in all areas of College life, with particular regard to the nine grounds of discrimination in equality legislation, and to support College in achieving its objectives for diversity and inclusiveness.

Disability Service

The Disability Service's core functions are, to provide supports and services to the College's disabled community (students and staff, and indirectly; visitors) including recommendations on policy and procedural changes as required, and to ensure that College is compliant with the Disability Act 2005 and other relevant legislation and codes of practice.

College Health Service

The College Health Service provides on campus, primary health care for all full-time students, as well as being available to staff, through a comprehensive range of General Practitioner and Nurse led clinics, as well as playing the lead Health Promotion role on campus.

Student Counselling Service

The Student Counselling Service provides free, confidential and non-judgmental support to registered students who are experiencing personal and/or academic concerns. Supports provided range from Counselling, to consultation and advice, as well as providing volunteer opportunities, peer support structures, and learning supports.


In May 2017 we launched the new Trinity Centre for Gender Equality and Leadership (TCGEL).
TCGEL has beenestablished to deliver the University's strategic objectives to advance gender equality. Recognising the work done by  WiSER (Centre for Women in Science and Engineering Research, TCD) to recruit, retain, return and advance women in academic science, engineering and technology, the new Centre expands this remit to all disciplines and support areas across the university. TCGEL is led by Professor Eileen Drew as Director.

Trinity Access Programmes

Trinity Access Programmes (TAP) work to encourage young adults, adults and ethnic minority students who come from socio-economic groups under-represented in higher education, to go to university. TAP provides a range of supports to students, families and communities enabling them to identify and fulfil their educational goals.

Mature Students Office

The Mature Student Office is part of the Trinity Access Programmes (TAP), and its function is to provide advice and support to both prospective and current undergraduate mature students.

Day Nursery

The Day Nursery provides on campus care for children of students and staff of Trinity College. The Nursery has a maximum of 52 full time places and caters for children aged 3 months to 4.5 years.

Senior Tutor’s Office (Tutorial Service)

The Senior Tutor’s Office manages the College Tutorial Service, which is available to all undergraduate students, and provides confidential student support in all aspects of College life. The Senior Tutor’s office also administers the College student financial assistance programmes.

Human Resources

The Human Resources function has overall responsibility for the strategic management of all staff in College, providing services, advice and support to managers in all aspects of recruiting, developing and managing people, including compliance with Equality and Diversity legislation and promoting best practice.

Global Relations Office

The Global Relations Office is the gateway between the College and our global community of international students, institutional partners, academic collaborators and alumni network.. Our office is committed to strengthening Trinity College Dublin's global profile through international student recruitment, supporting academic and student mobility, building strategic partnerships and encouraging alumni engagement

College Chaplains

The Chaplaincy seeks to be a place of welcome and hospitality for all members of the University community. All the Chaplains are available to help and are glad to assist in any way that they can with a friendly listening ear. The Chaplains are representatives of the main Christian Churches in Ireland who work together as a team. Although there isn't a chaplain for every faith group in college, the Chaplains aim to be a resource for every individual.

Dean of Students

The Dean of Students interacts with students and student services to ensure an exceptional and comprehensive co-curricular student experience through supporting and facilitating student development, and integrating the out-of-class experience of students with the academic mission of College. The Dean of Students is responsible for planning, developing and implementing programmes and policies that encourage and support students to take an active role in positively shaping our campus community.

Careers Advisory Service

The Careers Advisory Service is Trinity College’s central unit with responsibility for assisting students to identify and put into action their career plans. Our core function is to provide careers education, information, advice and guidance to students and graduates to enable them to connect with employers or postgraduate programme providers. As an integral part of Trinity Teaching and Learning and the Student Services functions we continuously strive to enhance the quality and scope of our activities to meet the evolving needs of students in the College.

Postgraduate Advisory Service

Based within the Senior Tutor’s Office, the Postgraduate Advisory Service is a unique and confidential service available to all registered postgraduate students at Trinity College. Managed by a dedicated Student Support Officer, it offers a comprehensive range of academic, pastoral, and professional supports dedicated to enhancing the postgraduate student experience.

Oifigeach na Gaeilge (Irish Language Office)

The Irish Language Office supports the staff of Trinity College to implement the Official Languages Act, which aims to increase and improve the quantity and quality of services provided through the Irish language by public bodies. The promotion of the Irish language is an important part of College life, and the Irish Language Office ensures that support is available for many cultural, educational and social activities throughout the College year.

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