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Diversity Statement


Trinity College’s mission is to provide a liberal environment where independence of thought is highly valued and where all are encouraged to achieve their full potential


Our vision is that, as a University of global consequence, we will be known for realising student potential and for research and scholarship that benefits Ireland and the world.


Diversity and Inclusivity are core values of Trinity College, expressed in our College Strategy 2014-2019 in the following terms: “We reach out to a wide cultural, social and educational spectrum with the aim of creating a community based on a collegiality in which all are encouraged to use their talents to achieve their potential.”
Trinity College does not regard Diversity as an end in itself, but as a fact of what we are, as a core value, and as shaping force of what we do. Diversity is not an ‘initiative’ or a ‘project’; it is an ongoing core process.

Trinity Traditions

Throughout the generations our intrinsic commitment to diversity has shaped the course of our research and teaching. Since our foundation in 1592 Trinity College has encouraged a culture that provides for the full participation of all members of the College community.
Our College community is composed of a rich mix of individuals who, through their own distinctive viewpoints, contribute to the intellectually challenging culture of the College. This diversity of experience and outlook within our community enriches the nature of our intellectual enquiry, and the perspectives engaged, and accordingly, has influenced the intellectual culture that has developed in College through the generations,

Campus Culture

As Ireland’s foremost University our campus culture will be exemplified by an ethos, not only of respect, understanding and appreciation of difference, but an ethos where difference in individuals and in groups is supported and celebrated. As an exemplar, we seek to be leaders in the creation of a more enlightened and inclusive society.

Ongoing Renewal and Continuous Improvement

Diversity, of our enquiry and perspectives, enriches the education experience and helps to form our students as well educated citizens of a diverse society who appreciate and understand the different perspectives of others.
While we celebrate our inclusive ethos and tradition, we recognise also that we always have room for improvement and that our future success will depend on its ongoing renewal through our people and our actions.


On that basis we encourage and welcome talented people from all backgrounds to join our student and staff community.

College Commitments

The Trinity College Strategic Plan2014 -19 recognises that commitments to equality and diversity are values on which Trinity’s excellence relies. Accordingly, we have made specific commitments to Diversity which place us on a path for continuous improvement, and remind us that we each have a personal role in creating an environment that welcomes and affirms diversity in all its forms.

To this end our Strategic Plan commits us to;

  • creating an inclusive, diverse and pluralist college community and a positive environment in which all can participate, and all are recognized fully for their contributions.
  • on all equality grounds to protecting staff and students from discrimination
  • to ensuring that diversity is promoted and celebrated

College Objectives/Goals

The College Strategic Plan sets out seven sub projects to deliver on these Commitments. In addition we have developed and are implementing a dedicated Strategy for Diversity and Inclusion (PDF 3.6MB), which sets out a comprehensive programme of objectives and actions aligned to the College Strategic Plan.

Supporting Policies

The Board has approved a comprehensive suite of diversity and equality policies to nurture a climate to ensure that our mission and vision – liberal environment, independence of thought, realisation of individual potential, and societal impact- become a reality, and to provide demonstrable institutional mandate and support for these objectives.

These policies, in support of our mission, not only ensure that we meet and exceed our legal obligations to those individuals and groups protected by law, (in respect of their gender, race, family status, age, sexual orientation, disability, religion, civil status, or membership of the travelling community) but extend to a much broader understanding of diversity and inclusion.


Finally, the Board of Trinity College recognises that we cannot create and sustain a truly diverse campus community and culture without strong leadership. On that basis the Provost and Board publicly assert their full support for the strategy and policies referred to above, and commit to ensuring and that progress is monitored and assessed on an ongoing basis.


Trinity College is an Institutional Athena Swan Bronze Award holder, a signatory to Diversity Charter, Ireland, and was awarded Public Sector Employer of the Year at the Workplace Equality Index Awards 2016.

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