Student Jobs

We hire Trinity students for many roles within Trinity Development & Alumni , including telephone fundraisers, admin support for campus events and database and IT projects.

Overview of role opportunities at Trinity Development & Alumni

Telephone fundraisers

Our Alumni Appeal phone campaigns engage with Trinity graduates, highlighting the benefits and services available to them and generating funds for a range of projects, scholarships and research across the University. Phone campaigns typically take place in autumn and spring and are a great opportunity to develop a range of skills.

Admin support for campus events
We host numerous events throughout the year for our alumni and friends and often have part-time roles for students within our event team, including registration support, event setup and photography.

Database and IT projects
With an increasing number of alumni each year and a growing office, we carry out several key database and IT projects where students can support the success of these.

***We have no current vacancies. Keep an eye on this page for future emplyoment opportunities.***