Introducing a new way to connect, network and mentor

Trinity Alumni Online is a password protected interactive website that allows you to connect with other alumni and support current students. The aim of the new online platform is to foster alumni connections and create a more connected student and alumni community.

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Trinity Alumni Online also allows you to contact or be contacted by another member of the community using a 'blind' email service, i.e. another member can send you an email, but they cannot see your email address.

Trinity Alumni Online has been developed with data protection considerations in mind and details of how the platform will operate and how your personal information is used are set out in the terms and conditions and privacy policy.

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Trinity Alumni Online User Guide

Learn more about how to use the Trinity Alumni Online platform by viewing this short video:

Mentoring at Trinity

Mentoring is a great way to support students in Trinity while staying connected to the College. Learn more from our mentors and mentees in this short video.

Learn more about mentoring at Trinity by reading our mentoring guidelines.

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