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Trinity has over 130,000 alumni in 140 countries worldwide with over 60 chapters.

Wherever you are in the world, there is a Trinity community nearby. Get involved with your local Trinity chapter, or if there isn’t a local chapter in your area, take the opportunity to start a new one! Trinity alumni chapters organise activities and social events for alumni within their region with events ranging from casual get-togethers and black-tie dinners, to cultural excursions, networking opportunities and lectures by visiting academics. There are also regional contacts in areas without formal chapters who serve as a point of contact for alumni living in or thinking of moving to the region.

If you are new to a region or are just looking to reconnect with other Trinity alumni, joining a chapter is a great way to network locally while maintaining your link to Trinity – our chapters always welcome new members!

To find an existing chapter please see below or visit our events page for upcoming chapter events. Can't find a chapter in your area? Find out how you can set one up: Email

Becoming a Chapter Volunteer or a Regional Contact (approximately 10-20 hours / year)

If you would like to get involved with your local chapter’s committee, or would like to become a regional contact, please get in touch with us via email at Our alumni chapter volunteers are vital to the success of the global Trinity alumni network. Being an international alumni leader for Trinity is a volunteering opportunity like no other – it is the opportunity to maintain your lifelong connection to Trinity and to engage with and strengthen your local alumni community.


Find a chapter near you:

Ireland and Northern Ireland

Cork - David McGovern - email:

Kildare and Wicklow - Michael J. McCann - email:

Northern Ireland - Cecil Bates – email:

Antrim and Derry - Margot Caldwell - email:

Chinese Alumni Association (Dublin) - Tao Zhang - email:

Great Britain

Cambridge - Mary Jennings - email:

Gloucestershire - Jonathan Moffitt - email:

London Association - Lucy O'Sullivan - email:

London Dining Club - Geraldine Dooley - email:

North of England - Suzanne Temperley - email:

Oxford - Martin Gaughan - email:

Scotland - Niall McGuinness - email:

Birmingham and West Midlands - Edward Sweeney - email:

West Country UK - Douglas Henderson - email:


Austria - Eudes Brophy - email:

Belgium - George Candon - email:

Denmark - Carolyn Rutherford - email:

Greece, Thessaloniki (regional contact) - Chara Triantafyllidou - email:

Paris - Grainne Dirwan - email:

Germany, Bavaria - Elisabeth Mayer - email:

Germany, Berlin - James Löll - email:

Germany, Frankfurt - Enda Jordan - email:

Italy - Pamela Maguire - email:

Luxembourg - Caroline Mangold - email:

Malta - Matthew Agius - email:

Moscow - Daria Voronina - email:

Netherlands - Sebastian Maier - email:

Portugal - Ben Power - email:

Sweden - Jack Ryan - email:

Madrid - Emma Naismith - email:

Switzerland - Malcolm Ferguson - email:


Libya - Dr. Mohamed Daw - email:

South Africa, Cape Town and Coastal - Saths Moodley - email:

Southern and Western Africa - John Murphy - email:

Uganda - Henry Tumwebaze - email:


Boston - Peter Lennon - email:

Chicago - Brian Cronin - email:

Mid-Atlantic - Dan O'Brien - email:

New York - Graham Reynolds - email:

New York, Upstate - Ronald Ferguson - email:

Northern California - Thomas Browne - email:

Philadelphia - Paul Maguire - email:

San Diego - Rob Mullaly -

Seattle, Pacific Northwest - Aly Gardner-Shelby - email:

Southern California - Helen Norris - email:

South Florida - Ronald Ferguson - email:


Alberta - Eoin Bates - email:

Edmonton regional contact - Kevin Magill -

Ontario - John G Payne - email:

Ottawa - Ian Ashe -

Vancouver - Hannah Clark - email:

Vancouver Island - Mary Pike - email:

Australia and New Zealand

New South Wales - Eithne McSwiney - email:

Queensland - Georgia Chenevix-Trench - email:

South Australia regional contact - James Smyth - email:

Victoria - Ciaran Horgan - email:

Western Australia - Áine Whelan - email:

New Zealand - Colin Kennedy - email:


Beijing - Xusheng Hou - email:

Hong Kong & Macau - Henry Au - email:

Shanghai - Nick McIlroy - email:

Japan - Leo Glynn - email:

Singapore - Bill McCormack - email:

South Korea - Gaya Nadarajan -

India and Pakistan

Bangalore - Sai Prakash - email:

Delhi - Rahul P. Davé - email:

Pakistan - Tahia Noon - email:

Rest of World

Israel - David Rivlin -

Mexico - Stephen Murray - email:

Saudi Arabia - Brian Hession (regional contact) -

United Arab Emirates - Eithne Treanor - email: