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Old Library Redevelopment and Research Study Centre

The Old Library of Trinity College Dublin is an intrinsic part of Ireland’s history and is renowned throughout the world for its historic building, magnificent Long Room and for the strength and uniqueness of its collections. The Library is home to the Book of Kells, the Book of Durrow, the Brian Boru Harp and the 1916 Proclamation of the Irish Republic as well as numerous other rare books and treasures.

The Old Library is also an active research library attracting scholars and researchers globally. It plays a crucial part in the University’s success in teaching and research based on the range and quality of its collections.

The repair and conservation of the Library is ongoing and now the Old Library building itself is in urgent need of physical and environmental upgrades - for the building’s conservation and to safeguard its invaluable collections for future generations. Work is being undertaken to incorporate the Old Library into the Trinity 21st century campus, with a plan that will deploy the best modern design and environmental technology to protect the building and to create world-class facilities and spaces.

The Old Library Redevelopment Project includes the creation of a Research Collections Study Centre and a reimagined Book of Kells exhibition.

In tandem with the structural redevelopment plan, Trinity’s incomparable research collections are being brought into the 21st century digital age through an ambitious programme of conservation, modern curation, and digitisation. The Virtual Trinity Library will enable these collections to be shared with communities around the world, and to act as a catalyst for research and scholarship on a global scale, connecting Trinity in a virtual network with other great libraries of the world.

Inspiring Generations will support the critical Old Library Redevelopment Plan and the ambitious Virtual Library programme, to safeguard the Library and its invaluable collections and to ensure Trinity will continue to be able to discharge its trusted role as the custodian of Irish, European, and world heritage for the future.

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Conserving the Old Library for Future Generations

Old Library Redevelopment Project

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