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Neurodegeneration-Mechanisms & Interventions

Intellectual Context

Understanding the fundamental mechanisms by which the brain develops and matures, and by which it responds to insult, are central unsolved problems of contemporary neuroscience. The major goals for the Neurodegeneration, Mechanisms & Interventions thematic research area are therefore to identify new targets for the prevention and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, and to engage in translational neuroscience by exploiting findings of preclinical studies for application to clinical disorders .

Microglial activation in the aging brain

Scientific and Societal Impact

Treatments for neurodegenerative diseases are limited and clinical efficacy is poor. Research in this area aims to provide a panel of possible new targets, and to provide appropriate preclinical and clinical samples to evaluate the potential of these novel targets.

Strategic Research Objectives

Research on Neurodegeneration, Mechanisms & Interventions has the following major objectives:

  • Understand the molecular mechanisms underlying neurodegenerative changes in the aged brain, and how they apply to dementias, especially Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative conditions.
  • Evaluate the contribution of neuroinflammation to the development of neurodegenerative changes and to identify modulatory strategies.
  • Identify novel neuroprotective strategies based on analysis of molecular mechanisms.
  • Develop novel behavioural and brain stimulation methods that can be integrated with pharmaceutical therapies to delay cognitive decline.
  • Identify novel biomarkers of neurodegeneration using our advanced simultaneous functional MRI/electroencephalogram (fMRI/EEG) systems.

Exopsure of neurons to cannabinoid

Theme PIs

Theme PIs include:

Name Tel Ext. E-mail
Arun Bokde 4104
Aiden Corvin 2468
Aileen Lynch 8471
Aine Kelly 3794
Alice Witney 1019
Andrew Harkin 2807
Brian Lawlor 01 2493200
Colin Doherty
Colm Cunningham 3964
Connnail McCrory 01 4103952
Declan Mc Loughlin 8469
Desmond O'Neill 3244
Eric Downer 2076
Gavin Davey 8408
Ian Robertson 2684
Jane Farrar 2258/3695
Joe Harbison
Julie Kelly 1604
Kingston Mills 3573
Kumlesh Dev 4180
Maeve Caldwell 4852
Mani Ramaswami 8400
Marian Tsanov 4829
Marina Lynch 8531 marina.lynch@tcd
Matt Campbell 2484
Michael Rowan 1567
Orla Hardiman 4496
Paul Kenna 8961000
Peter Humphries 1547
Richard Carson 8448
Richard Reilly 8471
Shane O Mara 8447
Tomás Ryan 1613
Veronica Campbell 1192

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