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5th Floor:
Pre-Clinical bio-resources unit facility with 2 behavioural analysis rooms,
Minor procedures room/Radiation room (not used for radionuclide work currently)

4th Floor:
(i) Shared Tissue Culture lab, 4.05

(ii) Confocal microscope room, 4.06 comprising: (i) shared Zeiss LSM 501 inverted microscope for cell imaging (Booked through Quentin Comerford) (ii) a dedicated Zeiss LSM880 Multiphoton upright imaging system with Aryscan (Ramaswami lab).

(iii) Behavioural test lab (O’Mara lab 4.25-4.28) Noldus 'Skinner boxes' for automated recording, measurement and calculations of behaviour, movement etc. Mazes (+,-,water) with automated in-vivo recording of location and simultaneous recording of neuronal activity and response in place cells and other brain areas.

(iv) Small procedures room and LTP rig (O’Mara lab 4.31)

3rd Floor:

  • Human behavioural test rooms 3.31, 3.33, 3.35
  • Phlebotomy room 3.34
  • Computer lab for fMRI analysis 3.36a and 3.36b
  • Common room/Seminar room 3.07
  • Boardroom/Meeting room 3.02 with full AV facilities including TCon, VCon and suitable for small group activities including journal club. Also used regularly to collaborate with colleagues in India and the USA.

UB Floor (Lift level LB-1):

  • 7T MRI scanner (Bruker) small bore with 1H Cryoprobe, UB-13
  • 3T MRI scanner (Siemens Prisma) Human fMRI/DTI, Combined EEG/fMRI, UB15
  • Mock scanner room Rm. UB-72
  • Perception & Behavioural test lab UB05
  • TMS lab containing 2 rigs, ERP UB-19
  • EEG lab comprising 3 ERP rigs (128 channel x 1 and 64 channel x 2 Rm. UB-01

LB Floor (Lift level LB-2):
Lecture theatre LB-11 dedicated theatre with full AV capability and integrated with MRI suite for teaching/demonstrations. Has held International Conferences/Symposia for TCIN and other departments.