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3 publications from 2018

Feeney, J. and O'Sullivan, M. and Kenny, R.A. and Robertson, I.H., Change in perceived stress and 2-year change in cognitive function among older adults: The Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing, Stress and Health, 2018, p1-8
Journal Article; In_press; Peer Reviewed; Author Profiles: RKENNY IROBERTS ; DOI; URL

O'Sullivan, M., Lawlor, B., Hannigan, C., Brennan, S., Robertson, IH. , Cognitive functioning among cognitively intact dementia caregivers compared to matched self-selected and population controls., Aging & Mental Health (CAMH), 2018
Journal Article; Published; Peer Reviewed; Author Profiles: LAWLORBA IROBERTS BRENNAS7 ; URL

Donohoe, G. and Dillon, R. and Hargreaves, A. and Mothersill, O. and Castorina, M. and Furey, E. and Fagan, A.J. and Meaney, J.F. and Fitzmaurice, B. and Hallahan, B. and McDonald, C. and Wykes, T. and Corvin, A. and Robertson, I.H., Effectiveness of a low support, remotely accessible, cognitive remediation training programme for chronic psychosis: cognitive, functional and cortical outcomes from a single blind randomised controlled trial, Psychological Medicine, 48, (5), 2018, p751-764
Journal Article; Published; Peer Reviewed; Author Profiles: ACORVIN JMEANEY IROBERTS ; DOI; URL