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Information Delivery, Nutrition and HIV Treatment: Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment on Women Living with HIV in Uganda


  • Researchers:
    • Patrick Lubega, Frances Nakakawa, Gaia Narciso and Carol Newman

  • Partners:
    • Irish Aid and Higher Education Research and Institution. This project is part of NOURISH, Nutrition and Treatment Outcome: Development of a Ugandan-Irish HIV/Nutrition Research Cluster.

  • Location:
    • Uganda

  • Sample:
    • Over 3,000 Women in 24 HIV clinics in rural areas

  • Timeline:
    • 2012-2016

  • Theme:
    • Health

  • Description:
    • This project tests the impact of two separate interventions that aim to inform women on the importance of nutrition and how to fulfil their nutritional needs in a sustainable way: 1) a standard nutritional information campaign involving the distribution of posters and flyers; and 2) cookery demonstrations on how to produce locally sourced home-made nutritious food. The project provides evidence that the provision of basic information improves the nutritional intake and health of women but has limited impact on other welfare outcomes. In contrast, participation in the cookery campaigns has significant effects on incomes and female empowerment, with knock-on effects for children’s school attendance. The results shed light on the extent to which the means through which information is communicated matters for impact. They also allow understanding better the underlying behavioral changes that lead to improved outcomes for women and their children.