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Entrepreneurship support for refugees and host communities in a fragile context


  • Researchers:
    • Guigonan Serge Adjognon, Chloe Fernandez, Andrea Guariso, Marcus Holmlund, Tara Mitchell and Carol Newman

  • Partners:
    • Development Impact Evaluation Department  (DIME), World Bank

  • Location:
    • Niger

  • Sample:
    • 6,069 individuals from 238 villages across the three regions of Diffa, Tillabery, and Tahoua in Niger

  • Timeline:
    • 2020-2022

  • Theme:
    • Refugees, host communities, entrepreneurship support

  • Description:
    • Conflicts and climate-induced forced displacement put increasing pressure on the Sahel region of Africa, one of the poorest regions in the world. Niger hosts over 300,000 displaced people, placing additional pressures on many of its already fragile regions. Both displaced and host populations are poor, face limited access to basic services, have few opportunities to make a living, and are affected by socioeconomic inequalities. How can already vulnerable societies absorb large numbers of displaced people? Which interventions can work to increasing the resilience of both displaced and host populations in these settings? This study will evaluate the impact of an entrepreneurship support project targeting both displaced and host communities in Niger. The program, financed by the World Bank, will provide cash grants and training to support income-generating activities.