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Kinship and Locality: How Marital Traditions Affect Violence


  • Researchers:
    • Tara Bedi, Markus Goldstein, Michael King, Alejandra Ramos, and Julia Vaillant

  • Partners:
    • Concern Worldwide, IPA Malawi.

  • Location:
    • In the districts of Nsanje and Mangochi, Southern rural Malawi

  • Sample:
    • 1,361 households

  • Timeline:
    • 2018-2022

  • Theme:
    • Intimate partner violence

  • Description:
    • In this project, we explore the effects of marriage practices associated with kinship and locality on intimate partner violence (IPV). We do so in the context of Southern rural Malawi, where there is a high prevalence of IPV and remarriage is a common phenomenon. We collect a panel dataset on 1,361 households including primary data on kinship, locality, marriage practices, and IPV. We propose an analytical framework that separates the effects of kinship and locality on IPV and structurally estimates the gains of marriage.