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The Impact of the 2019 Malawi Floods on Poverty, Gender Roles and Psychosocial Outcomes.


  • Researchers:
    • Tara Bedi, Markus Goldstein, Michael King, Ilan Noy and Julia Vaillant

  • Partners:
    • Concern Worldwide, IPA Malawi

  • Location:
    • Malawi

  • Sample:
    • 3,300 Households

  • Timeline:
    • 2019-2021

  • Theme:
    • Environment

  • Description:
    • Environmental shocks can have devastating impacts on the lives of the ultra-poor, and when they occur with frequency, can act as a natural disaster poverty trap. First, we examine the impact of the 2019 Malawian floods on poverty, gender roles and psycho-social outcomes. Second, as extreme weather events intensify due to climate change, can a multifaceted anti-poverty program for the Ultra Poor protect households from environmental shock induced economic reversals? In an effort to answer this questions, this paper analyses the impact of the 2019 floods on households in the middle of the implementation of a graduation program. Through a comparison of the impact of the floods for graduation and non-graduation households respectively, initial insights will be provided on the existence of a natural resource poverty trap.