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Returns to Childcare and Capital: Experimental Evidence from Uganda


  • Researchers:
    • Kjetil Bjorvatn (NHH), Denise Ferris (BRAC), Selim Gulesci, Arne Nasgowitz (NHH), Vincent Somville (NHH) and Lore Vandewalle (Graduate Institute)

  • Partners:
    • BRAC

  • Location:
    • Uganda

  • Sample:
    • 1,496 households

  • Timeline:
    • 2018-2022

  • Theme:
    • Childcare, Female labour supply, Entrepreneurship

  • Description:
    • Can providing access to childcare services for three to five years old children (i) improve children’s educational (and health) outcomes, (ii) stimulate the development of female businesses and (iii) improve the effectiveness of mainstream business development interventions, such as business grants? These are the key research questions that we plan to address in this project. To answer these questions, we are collaborating with BRAC in Uganda to conduct a randomized experiment that will provide randomly selected women with: (i) subsidized access to childcare (ii) a business grant (iii) childcare and a business grant together. A fourth group will be kept as control. We track the targeted households over 4 years.
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