Mathematics of Complexity

The focus of this theme is the fundamental role of maths in science and society. It is a cornerstone of the methods used to understand and model multiscale complex systems in physical, biological and social sciences.

Mathematics is the language of science through which we can understand nature at a fundamental level. Its application beyond the STEM subjects in biological, medical, economic and social contexts is also having a deep impact on the development of society and our daily lives.

The School of Mathematics at Trinity has a long history of excellence, stretching back to William Rowan Hamilton, Ireland's most famous mathematician. The School is ranked in the top 100 in the world with one of the highest citation records of any mathematics department worldwide.

In Trinity there are two core strenghts: Big data and the mining of these huge datasets are core strengths in Trinity College. Researchers aim to extract meaningful information by carrying out  numerical simulation of these complex systems.



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Featured Trinity Researchers

Sinead Ryan

  • Theme Champion and main contact
  • Professor of Mathematics
  • School of Mathematics

Vladimir Dotsenko

  • Assistant Professor of Mathematics
  • School of Mathematics

Dermot Frost

  • Manager
  • High Performance Computing Centre

Kevin Mitchell

  • Professor in Developmental Neurobiology
  • School of Genetics and Microbiology

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